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A new day


Published: Apr 24, 2017

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As we all know, when we awake in the morning, hopefully after a good night’s sleep, we begin a new day — a day in which we can literally start to change our whole life. Isn’t that a very exciting thought? Yes indeed it most certainly is. You see it doesn’t really matter what happened yesterday, which may have been an absolutely terrible day, when literally everything which could possibly go wrong, did. It doesn’t matter how bad last month was, or last year was for you, for that part of your life is over, written on the pages of the book of your life.

However, irrespective of all that, you can indeed set out today with a clean slate, so to speak, and thus make today a very special day in your life. My oh my, the more I personally think about it the more excited I actually get, as today’s title loudly proclaims for all to read, today is a new day — a day upon which you embark with a fresh, new, positive outlook on life. As that well-known saying proclaims, ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’. Wow, do you feel the excitement of a rebirth in your life? Now I do and I’m ready to take on the world like never before. I’m stoked up, as many of the young people put it, and ready, willing and able to start a completely new and exciting cycle of my life. Now how about you?

Yes my friend, today we all get a brand new start on life, it’s as if we’ve been reborn to start out anew on our journey to reach the Promised Land. So get excited, totally positive in outlook and sit down in a quiet place and set some new, exciting goals for all areas of your life — short, medium and long-term — which will commence a new and exciting phase of your life.


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