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Invest in yourself


Published: May 22, 2017

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I was watching the program “Shark Tank” on T.V. a little while back and, of course, as usual there was an array of people with new ideas which they were presenting to the “Sharks”, hoping to get one of them to invest in their particular idea. So this obviously got me to thinking about investing in general.

Then it occurred to me that not enough people invest in themselves. That’s right, how much do you actually invest in yourself? Now I don’t mean investing in things like a house, a car, a computer or new cell phone, but I mean actually investing dollars in yourself on improving you. Yes indeed, there are far too many people who spend all sorts of money buying all sorts of luxury items, in so many cases just to show off — to bolster their high ego by saying in their mind, look at me I’ve got a nice new car, iPhone, etc. This in turn is, of course, prompted by low self-esteem and assists this person in getting the attention they so desperately crave from others.

However, what I’m talking about here today is something different when I advocate that you invest in yourself. I’m talking about the greatest investment that anyone can make in themselves — and that’s an investment in knowledge. Yes my friend, how much money are you really putting into you to improve your knowledge in a particular field so that you can become more qualified and thus much more valuable to your employer?

I do hope that today’s message has hit home to you and that as a result of it you will be enrolling in a course of further education that will give you additional qualifications with which to succeed in life, across the board. So pick up the phone, go online or visit an institution of higher learning where you can register today and thus start to accumulate more knowledge, which will be most beneficial to you as you seek further success in life.


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