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The importance of silence

Published: Jun 19, 2017

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We really do live today in a crazy world where right is wrong and wrong is right, at least in a whole lot of people’s mind. Take for example the case of loud noise that seems to permeate society today in just about every area. I know that most people cannot drive their vehicle without loud music playing constantly. Actually I had a person say to me that if they did not have music playing in their car whilst driving, they’d fall asleep — unbelievable but true. Then in most homes the T.V. is constantly on and music too in some cases whilst everyone is busy on their smart phone creating more noise.

Now the really crazy thing to me is this. When anyone likes to sit in the silence for long periods in these kinds of homes, they get ridiculed. They are told that something is wrong with them to want to be quiet for a while. Let me tell you my friend, that it is indeed most vital for people to spend set periods of time each day in the silence. After all — most of the great minds, the greatest thinkers over the centuries have advocated as today’s title puts it, the importance of silence.

For example, Arthur Schopenhauer put it like this, “a man can be himself only so long as he is alone, and if he does not have solitude, he will not have freedom, for it is only when he’s alone that he’s really free.” Yes indeed, spending time alone in the silence is absolutely essential to one’s overall development as a thinking human being. I do sincerely hope that you my friend realize the importance of silence.

Yes my friend, spending time alone in the silence is vital if you wish to develop into a well-rounded person who is capable of thinking in a deep way. On the same subject Albert Einstein put it like this, “I live in the solitude which is powerful and yet delicious in the years of maturity.” Oh how right he was. So I do hope you mature real soon so that you will finally understand the importance of silence.


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