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National Review

Today, the government intends to evacuate the handful of Ragged Island residents who remained after others were flown out as Hurricane Irma barrelled toward The Bahamas last week. Those who know and love Ragged Island say they will not allow the isla...
Getting it right
We will never know for sure, but it appears very likely that lives were saved by the government’s decision to evacuate more than 1,000 residents from the southeastern Bahamas ahead of Hurricane Irma last week. It is good that those residents agree...
A way forward
For a third year in a row, The Bahamas must focus on rebuilding after a major hurricane. In the last three years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been allocated to rebuilding. This time, the focus will be on Ragged Island, which has been decim...
Without a paddle
The new interim CEO of Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Mike Harreld has met a company “that is unmotivated, complacent and lackadaisical”. As the company scrambled to prepare for Hurricane Irma, Harreld, in writing the BPL board members on Friday,...
When terror looms
If Irma hits The Bahamas with a wind speed of 185 miles per hour, it would be one for the record books, according to hurricane expert Wayne Neely. It would be a catastrophic event, Neely warned. The storm would be more powerful than Hurricane Andre...
State of crisis
In 2005, a coalition of private sector organizations warned that The Bahamas’ education crisis would have a serious detrimental impact on the national economy by the year 2020 if immediate steps were not taken to put in place reforms. That was a d...
The gender gap, a chilling divide
The gender gap in education is not unique to The Bahamas. And it has long been observed. Recent national examination results have brought this critical concern back into focus. Girls received 67 percent of the A grades awarded for the Bahamas Gene...
New bills revealed
The government is finalizing legislation intended to ensure greater public accountability, including a Proceeds of Crime Act, which would provide for unexplained wealth orders to be made for the forfeiture of ill-gotten gains, National Review confirm...
Spy Bill to return
One of the pieces of legislation that will be high on the agenda early in the Minnis administration’s term is the Interception of Communications Bill, 2017 — similar to the so-called ‘Spy Bill’ introduced by the Christie administration in the...
The PLP’s hurdle
As PLPs try to figure out how to be an effective opposition four months after a crushing general election defeat, their progress will likely depend on whether they have truly come to terms with the loss. At this juncture in its history, the PLP must...
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