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Roberts again insists more to come on Mackey

Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: Apr 10, 2017

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Two weeks after Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts revealed that Free National Movement (FNM) North Eleuthera candidate Rickey Mackey owed customs thousands of dollars— a bill he subsequently settled — Roberts insisted at a political event in Grand Bahama on Friday night that he still plans to drop more “bombshells” on Mackey.

Roberts did not hint at what he was talking about, but The Nassau Guardian confirmed last week that the hierarchy of the FNM was taking another look at the North Eleuthera candidacy.

C. A. Smith, a senior FNM who is a member of the Candidates Committee, previously confirmed that Mackey did not reveal during the vetting not reveal during the vetting process that he owed the customs department $12,000.

Mackey told The Nassau Guardian that he had forgotten the bill.

Speaking about FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis’ leadership, Roberts said, “It is no secret that he struggled to keep his party together and I am advised that the infighting continues, regardless of the amount of lipstick they try to put on that pig.

“How a leader of a political party leads and manages his party’s affairs is a dress rehearsal for how he would lead a government.

“The verdict among Bahamians is that he is a failed leader.

“This brings me to Minnis’ selected candidates.

“Howard Rickey Mackey in North Eleuthera is a bad candidate and I will drop some more bombshells after he is nominated.”

The dates for nomination and the election have not yet been revealed.

Roberts again questioned how the FNM could ratify its former chairman, Michael Pintard, who resigned last year amid controversy surrounding an alleged murder for hire plot that supposedly targeted wealthy Lyford Cay resident Louis Bacon and members of Save the Bays, an environmental group.

Pintard allegedly uncovered the plot and worked behind the scenes to gather evidence.

He resigned as chairman and as a senator, saying the matter was a distraction for the party.

Pintard did not report the matter to the police. He claimed he informed the people who were the targets of the plot.

He has insisted that he did nothing wrong in being involved in the matter.

“Michael Pintard is another bad and unfit candidate, we can see through Michael Pintard,” Roberts claims.

“It is inexplicable, disrespectful and arrogant that Michael Pintard could pass the flimsiest of vetting systems to become a candidate for high office.

“If Pintard was forced to resign in disgrace from the Senate and as FNM national chairman, then what makes him suitable for the House of Assembly?”

Roberts insisted, “The candidate selections of the FNM strikes at the foundation of the quality of any successful leader and that is the attribute of judgment.

“Minnis, I remind you, was ambushed and removed as the official opposition leader because of poor judgment.”

In December, seven FNM MPs moved a vote of no confidence in Minnis, stripping him of his position as opposition leader.

The PLP has continued to insist that Minnis’ inability to hold the confidence of his party’s House of Assembly team points to the kind of prime minister he would be.








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  • darkvader:

    Mr. Roberts needs to know that the elections is not about Mr. Mackey but what the "PLP has done for the Bahamian people over the last five years. People without jobs, the murder rate, and the other violent crimes. Ones political party should not prohibit one from being employed if they have the qualifications. One must ask the question, "What Have they (PLP) done for us lately".


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