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Sears presents right reforms for PLP
When Alfred Sears challenged Perry Christie for the leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) months before the general election, his colleagues thought him a fool. How could he challenge the “great leader”? He had no seat in the House of...
More data would be better
On August 11 the Department of Statistics released the latest unemployment report. The unemployment rate fell from 11.6 percent to 9.9 percent. The reference period of the study was April 24-30. The last report was from November 2016. The total labo...
Govt should not be in home rebuilding business
Ragged Island should be rebuilt. Bahamians lived there and made lives for themselves and their families. It is part of our inhabited commonwealth. It would be an abdication of duty for the central government to abandon Bahamians in a time of crisis. ...
Super-storms require new thinking
The Bahamas has been hit by major hurricanes over three consecutive years. Joaquin ravaged the south; Matthew, the northwest, and Irma, portions of the south, again. There has been hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes, business...
Leaving the ‘Age of Superstition’ behind
On Friday night it became obvious that Hurricane Irma would not pass over the major population centers of The Bahamas. New Providence and Grand Bahama were spared direct hits. Most of the mid-sized islands missed the storm too. The smaller islands mo...
Bahamas avoids worst of storm
Hurricane Irma was one of the most powerful tropical systems ever recorded. It stayed at its peak maximum sustained winds of 185 miles per hour for a record 37 hours. It hit the Leeward Islands last week, killing at least 24 people. The islands of B...
Help after the storm
Hurricane Irma began last night to affect the southern Bahamas. The Category 5 storm had maximum sustained winds of 175 miles per hour. It stayed at its peak of 185 miles per hour for 37 hours – longer than any storm remained at that wind speed or ...
The trek to safety
Forecasters think Hurricane Irma will be over the southern Bahamas tomorrow. Up to the last advisory at press time, the Category 5 storm remained with maximum sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. It hit the northern Leeward Islands yesterday. Init...
It’s wise to evacuate
Yesterday Hurricane Irma became one of the most powerful recorded storms in the hemisphere’s history with maximum sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. The Category 5 storm is life threatening and could cause catastrophic property damage. The sou...
The state’s level of preparedness
The government held a televised news conference yesterday with heads of agencies reporting to the country on their departments’ preparations for the storm. They said the right things. People are being dispatched; resources mobilized. Prime Ministe...
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