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I’m not mad at the IMF
Dear Editor,   So the IMF has suggested an income tax to solve our fiscal woes. Instead of looking at their proposed remedy, I suggest we look at the cause of the fiscal problems. Simply put, it has been fiscal imprudence by successive gover...
A job well done
Dear Editor,   I have many differences with the Minnis-led administration, but he and his crew are to be congratulated on a job well done with the recent Hurricane Irma. Never before in this era has the central government ever seen fit to actu...
Police in our schools
Dear Editor,   Call 911! That’s right, call the police. What’s the matter? Well, I’ll tell you – there’s a fight going on in one of our schools. Remember the good old days? A fight was just that – a fight with fists and legs fl...
Education: The dumbing down of a nation
Dear Editor, We have known for more than a decade that our educational system and physical plants are in a total and abject mess. Under successive administrations they have gone from bad to worse, if that were possible. All of the so-called modern ...
Please support text to donate campaign
Dear Editor,   Hurricane Joaquin literally devastated the southeast Bahamas. I was a Red Cross volunteer at the time and I saw firsthand how this storm affected so many people. I remember BTC introducing its text to donate promotion. I remembe...
Responding to The Guardian’s editorial on ‘The Age of Superstition’
Dear Editor,   We live in a natural world with many phenomena that we have some understanding of through the benefits of scientific advancement. In spite of that, there are many things we do not understand. It is important to note that just as...
A Ragged Islander’s response
Dear Editor, Please allow a few lines to voice this Ragged Islander’s opinion. We, like our other Bahamian brothers and sisters, are a proud people who can trace our inheritance on Ragged Island back for the last few hundred years. The small set...
Ragged Island will rise again
Dear Editor,   The people of Ragged Island and its descendants will not abandon their home in its time of need. Many have seen the pictures and the videos that have come from the island, which are devastating. In the wake of Hurricane Irma a m...
Guardian editorial got it right
Dear Editor,   Please accept my congratulations for Tuesday’s editorial, “Leaving the ‘Age of Superstition’ behind”. Hopefully the editorial will persuade some Bahamians that hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and floods are natural p...
Coming together
Dear Editor,   Thank you for allowing me space in your newspaper to share my ideas with your readers and hopefully initiate discussion by the government, radio talk show hosts and by people in their homes, workplaces and churches about how we ...
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