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By the rivers of Babylon

Published: Jul 21, 2017

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Dear Editor,


The meltdown of the once iconic and great Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) since the 10th May, 2017, general election is so sad, and a gigantic spectacle to behold. The revelations and uncovering of alleged corruption and malfeasance within the ranks of the now defunct Christie administration are astounding and troubling to good governance; accountability and fiscal discipline. I shudder to contemplate what would have been covered up by tons of concrete and steel (pardon the pun) if the PLP had been returned to high office. It became abundantly clear during the last 18 months of its rule that the PLP and its leadership cadre were badly out of touch with the aspirations of the unwashed masses of Bahamians.

We had all heard, and some of us actually believed, the allegations of widespread corruption and misuse of public funds. It seemed as if every itch and his brother or sister, once declared or perceived to be a supporter of the PLP, were able to climb on board the proverbial gravy train. Once on board, many of them transformed themselves into characters of greed and abject plunder. Party hacks; former officers within the party; senior members and most of those who were in the choir of the PLP, were all able to secure contracts by bid or otherwise. We, the innocent and unsuspecting public, had no clue of this, or if we did, we had no tangible evidence which could have, until now apparently, result in persecution.

It would be inappropriate to comment on the criminal matter presently before our courts relative to a former minister within the Christie administration. What I am able to say, however, is that the PLP is a spent political force and most of those who still cling to a mirage and dream will soon find themselves, collectively, by the fabled rivers of Babylon. The former and current leaders of the PLP have much to answer to the people of our wonderful nation for.

As expected, the leadership of the rump PLP has gotten recent events all wrong, in my view. They claim that the FNM is about a witch hunt; to destabilize, censor and destroy the PLP. Mudda sick!! The FNM has done nothing wrong except to expose levels of alleged corruption and plunder which hitherto none of us dreamed possible. It was as if a dray load of little children had been ushered into a 'free' candy store. If each child had taken one or two pieces we could live with that, but the majority of the PLPs who then held sway took all in sight and were actively looking for more!!

The PLP and its deluded supporters, before Parliament reconvenes, will all find themselves by the rivers of Babylon and captives in a strange land (not necessarily The Bahamas’ correctional center), where they will weep tears of bitterness and frustration. The PLP as we used to know it, is finished. Except the Lord Himself come down and help the rump PLP and its leadership, such as it is, they will be in Babylon for a long time.

While I am still a supporter of the current leader of the PLP, I do not appreciate or like his deafening and continued silence in not publicly rebuking Errington 'Minkey' Isaacs , former chairman of the PLP, for issuing a public threat to the erstwhile prime minister. How come not even the police have investigated, apparently, this matter? I also do not agree with, much less support, the senatorial appointments in the form of political ‘dead heads’ like Dr. Darville and Frederick 'Useless' Mitchell. Brave has also been 'crying' too much and too long about victimization and witch hunts. It is what it is in politics, so Brave should be the last man to cry wolf, seeing that he sat around the Cabinet table and said not a word to publicly rebuke his then colleagues, while most of them, apparently, were hustling and bamboozling local and international business people.

The chips will have to fall where they may. I wish harm on no one, but if and when you allegedly breach the public’s trust, in any form, you must pay the inevitable consequences. The former prime minister publicly made a profane finger gesture and regularly implied that all power in heaven and earth resided in him. Well, he will not join Brave et al. at the rivers of Babylon because he is 'straight' financially for life. I will not waste a single tear on the defunct PLP, because it dashed the hopes and dreams of countless honest and right-thinking Bahamians. It is what it is. To God then, in all things, be the glory.


– Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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