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PLPs continue to hurl threats at PM Minnis

Published: Jul 27, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Bahamians remember that in June PLP Chairman Emeritus Errington "Minky" Isaacs threatened to strike PM Dr. Hubert Minnis in the mouth after the PM revealed in the House that Isaacs had received a very lucrative BPL contract under the Christie administration. The threat made national headlines. Nothing was done about it by RBPF officials. It was a very dangerous precedent that was set. No other sitting PM has ever been publicly threatened. Interestingly, not one PLP MP or Senator publicly reprimanded Isaacs for uttering the threat, not one. PLP Interim Leader Philip "Brave" Davis came close to issuing a reprimand. But objective observers could tell Davis was walking on eggshells, as he lukewarmly discussed the Isaacs matter. You get the impression that the PLP House caucus has given a tacit approval of Isaacs' statement by refusing to publicly denounce his threat. And now we have the latest threat towards Minnis coming from PLP Leader Davis. Despite the language aerobics Davis utilized in his threatening letter to the PM, it still came across as a threat. The letter was condescending, manipulative and disrespectful. Apparently, Davis and the PLP do not want to see an end to systemic political corruption in this country, which is the leading cause of the treasury being flat broke. Handing out ridiculously inflated contracts to PLP hacks has hurt the country financially.

The FNM was given an overwhelming mandate to conduct extensive audits of various government agencies which were managed by PLP operatives between 2012-2017. There is a preception among tens of thousands of Bahamians that the PLP was corrupt. If Davis and co are unaware of this, then they are more out of touch than originally thought. Whatever process has been undertaken by the FNM will either vindicate or incriminate PLP politicians. Until then, Davis must publicly retract his threatening, disrespectful written statement in addition to giving an apology to Dr Minnis and the Bahamian people.


– The Whistleblower

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