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Bahamas Christian Council is misguided

Published: Aug 01, 2017

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Dear Editor,


What a joke! The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) is concerned about the appearance of a witch hunt and is advising the FNM government to use other tools that are at its disposal following allegations of abuse by the Progressive Liberal Party – perhaps a commission to handle corruption cases.

Umm, do we really need to waste time and money on another worthless commission? I don’t think so.

The big questions though are: where was the BCC during the gay witch hunts of the last 40 year? Participating I think. Where was the BCC during the gender equality witch hunt of the last 20 years? Again, participating I think. However, now that its beloved PLP is the party being accused of wrongdoing, the BCC has another song to sing.

Exodus 22:18 says: “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” In which case, the BCC should be relishing and encouraging a witch hunt, not trying to protect the PLP or its former MPs. On the other hand, it behooves this FNM government to do its “endeavour best” to disband the BCC. It also behooves this FNM government to place a moratorium on the building of any more cult churches masquerading as Christianity. Every little half-built plaza has a cult chuch or a tent next door. The people wallow in ignorance. It’s time for this to stop!

The BCC has its own witch hunt to worry about it seems. All non-profit organizations have to register with the Registrar General’s Department. This includes quite a few church organizations. Apparently the church will be categorized with sport groups and other non-profits. What the BCC must realize is this: The church is a sports group. There was a movie about it a few years ago, The Hunger Games.

As the Good Book says “render unto Caesar", etc.


– Kirk Catalano

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