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The maxim ‘everybody is equal under the law’ has been thrown out with the baby’s bath water

Published: Aug 08, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Listening to the posturing of the attorneys for the erstwhile political "sacred cows" I have to wonder if the maxim "everybody is equal under the law" was thrown out with the baby's bath water.

Acknowledging that it was unnecessary to shackle an injured Shane Gibson, where were these voices when our young men were led shackled and handcuffed to court? Where were the cries of horror when the female civil servant spent time in Fox Hill while she awaited a Supreme Court bail hearing and was led to court in handcuffs?

But what really concerns me is the fact that these "leaders of the Bar " seem to be encouraging members of the public to "diss" the legitimate working of the judicial system in the form of police investigations and court proceedings.

In our crime-ridden society only the police and the courts protect us from a system of anarchy. Yet we have senior members of the Bar adopting some of the worst aspects of Trump's America. We do not need to hear of "witch hunts". We need to hear these persons who have been honored by the Queen exhorting the population to await the results of investigations and any following court proceedings. Then, if the results follow a certain course, other court proceedings can be contemplated and taken.


– Jeanne Thompson


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