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A response to The Graduate

Published: Aug 11, 2017

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Dear Editor,


The Graduate closes his or her letter to Pastor Cedric Moss, with the question, “How’s that working for you?” Ironically, this is the question asked by many regarding same-sex civil unions and exactly what they produce or contribute to an ongoing society.

It can be said at the outset of this letter that those unions do not produce offspring. I have no problem with those who want to be in such unions demanding a legal framework that allows them to do as they please with their lives and possessions, but for myself and the majority of Bible-toters like me in the world, that is where their rights stop. They cannot speak for what they do not produce.

The equality argument that we continue to hear from politicians and gay rights activists is based on the assumption that there is an equality in the perception of who people think they are. The assumption is fatally flawed, because it has nothing to support it and there is no historical or scientific documentation that informs us of same-sex unions producing offspring. I acknowledge that they are able to adopt and care for people with an empathy that some Christians lack, but they can never be equal in terms of the responsibility of bringing children into the world. Perhaps it is a responsibility that can be assumed, however, it cannot lead to equality by any means, legislative or otherwise.

The preceding sentence bears the seeds of a paradigm that fuels the discussions taking place in the real world, as unions that produce offspring are formulating in their minds how to deal with persons and groups that do not have this responsibility, setting rules for those who do. This may be a sobering reality for the LGBTQIA crowd, as even the feminists are disengaging themselves from the movement. There have been a couple of local conferences sponsored by the United Nations that are making an attempt to indoctrinate teachers in the MOE that this thinking is normal. There was one in particular that had the title of “Saving our young boys”, which was actually a misrepresentation. It turned out to be a seminar on protecting young women from abusive men and bashing men in the process.

If we are to survive, we must get the questions right. If the questions are not right, the intentional confusion created by writers such as The Graduate will be seen as factual by those who are seeking answers as they attempt to address the issue of tolerance. The irony continues as those who claim to be tolerant are proved (by what they write and promote) to be more intolerant than the most bigoted Christians among us.


– Edward Hutcheson

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