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Have they no shame?

Published: Aug 11, 2017

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Dear Editor,


I have learned to expect very little from the PLP party leadership, but the ramblings of Freddy and Brave, although comical at times, have become bewildering, to say the least. One could make the argument that they are trying to appeal to their party base, but that would be an insult to a considerable cross-section of the electorate. Surely the PLP base is not as asinine as these two “leaders” would have us believe. I cannot say that I have ever respected either of these two men, but the fact that they are relevant in any way, shape or form in our country is the true tragedy in our current political arena. Free speech, often a shield for lunatics, has its place in a free society, but enough is enough. The PLP has many bridges to cross in the years to come, and hopefully one of them will be back into reality. Racism, fear mongering, subversion of the truth and blatant corruption have no place in a country seeking to move forward. It is my hope that we shake off the clammy grip of ignorance that these two men spew daily, and press on, steady sunward.


– Sheeprunner


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