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Cruising in The Bahamas

Published: Aug 15, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Here is an open letter to the Ministry of Tourism and Transportation that they may want to consider, as all and sundry begin to look at means to improve and facilitate an economic resurgency in our country. I have always stated, when making suggestions, that one looks at the “diamond in the rough”, look at the essential principle of the suggestion and then fine tune it, “spit out the bones — swallow the meat” rather than “throwing the baby out with the bath water”.

We all know that it is a popular touristic activity to cruise to The Bahamas. Now how about cruising in The Bahamas? I went on a cruise before and noted how various nations made preparations, even as we do here, to market their wares to the arriving guests, putting on cultural shows, cuisine, etc.

I wonder what it would be like for a similar experience to occur right here.

Imagine a smaller sized, appropriate vessel cruising down to Long Island, then San Salvador, Exuma, Cat Island and Eleuthera. Maybe another destination can be thrown into the mix. Imagine tourists going directly on a cruise through these islands for a three-day period or more. Imagine each island putting out its wares, its native cuisine, special island drinks, scaled down Junkanoo, mini cultural events, not your typical straw market only, but interactive touristic shows, cultural music, dances, short plays, Bahamian hit cultural songs (Dogs Don’t Bark… Party in Da Backyard, The Sailorman songs, etc.), old island story telling, tours to the nearest beaches, entertainment of various sorts to welcome and invite touristic participation and spending. Imagine the renaissance, the showcasing, “hopscotch”, “ring a ring a roses” and other native and almost ancient games being performed right before our eyes. Then overnighting (on the boat or in specially built and secured cabins) halfway up the island chain. Then after some native breakfast in the morning, continuing the same process.

Imagine our own inter-Family Island cruises. Now imagine it for both Bahamians and foreign tourists.

Imagine that while the first cruise is half way up the island chain, cruise number two commences, thus causing there to be two “cruise visitations” per island every week.

Imagine it being worth the cost, reasonable, without extravagant prices to encourage voluminous spending. Imagine the brochures with all the events, features of each island so that the tourist can budget according to each stop. Imagine each island competing to outdo the other island. Not necessarily for the express purpose of competition, but for the express purpose of ensuring attractive, highly appealing, entertaining events to ensure tourist participation, enjoyment and, ultimately, spending. Imagine photo taking with the MP and the local magistrates as standard features, national historical sites, etc.

Imagine the thousands of T-shirts, of various and endless sorts of advertising for each island, advertising their unique features and attractions, quotes, etc.

Imagine the myriad water sports activities, or two hour of sports fishing; imagine a one or two hour bus tour of the island. Imagine, imagine. Imagine the multiplicity of attractions that each island can come up with.

Imagine the ad on national and international TV- showcasing this adventure. Imagine less hundreds of thousands of dollars spent abroad and much of that being deposited in our family islands…. Imagine!

Imagine the government, private investors in and outside of The Bahamas getting together to make this feasible — because it is!

I myself would love and be excited to go on a three or four-day cruise to various islands in The Bahamas. I have never been to Long Island, Acklins, San Salvador and other southern islands. Never been to Mangrove Cay, Fresh Creek Andros. What an awesome opportunity for the average Bahamian to become familiar with their own country.

Imagine the economic boom to be had. Good planning, reasonable costs for travel, products sold and activities engaged in, and there you have it — fly or cruise to The Bahamas then cruise in The Bahamas.

Editor, I have a natural proclivity to think and write as other ideas come. So I put my pen down and invite the community to imagine and engage — imaginatively first, then act “did-it-ly”!

John Lennon might just be proud!


Love my country,


– “Dr. B”

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