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There is no bad time for justice

Published: Aug 16, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Reading the news these days I am reminded of an old saying: “If you don’t laugh, you’ll weep”.

Interim Opposition Leader Brave Davis had the nerve to fix his mouth and say that our current pursuit of justice will bring international infamy and ridicule upon The Bahamas.

In Brave’s mind, the world is looking upon us unfavorably because our justice system is compelling accused politicians to stand before the bar and defend their actions.

Accusing three politicians of offenses is somehow worse than the news that corruption was running rampant in the Bahamas under the PLP. It is presumably worse than the international headlines “Nation for Sale” that the PLP brought upon us previously.

It also brings more shame upon us than having Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s constantly downgrade our credit rating, leaving us one notch above junk status.

It is supposedly worse than having the U.S. Embassy and others warn that businessmen were being given the run-around and even the shake-down, and that it was difficult and presumably considerably more expensive to do business here as a result.

Brave thinks we should lose sleep over PLPs in handcuffs and empathize with these well-to-do former public servants and not remember when the world heard Transparency International beg the PLP to pass a freedom of information act to help fight corruption.

This is not the end of the road for this great country. We have seen this movie before, including when accused FNMs were in the starring roles. Justice will prevail. The accused will get a fair trial in our judicial system, which includes the Privy Council in London.

Every Bahamian parent at some time or another has issued this stern warning to their child: “If you won’t listen, you will feel.”

Far from being the laughing stock of the region or the world, the very transparent pursuit of justice playing out before our eyes will make us the envy of global citizens who, like us, are sick and tired of being asked to turn a blind eye to allegations of sleaze.

What Brave is really worried about is that the PLP is looking even worse in the eyes of the world, including among CARICOM leaders. Brave is obviously more concerned about the reputational damage to the PLP and to colleagues, who, like some of the pirates of ole, were seized by a plundering zeal which left the country in peril

Brave should remember that the PLP is not the country, a notion that is part and parcel of the party’s entitlement and “all-for-me-baby” mentality.

We have three branches of government, which safeguard our democracy. Message to Brave Davis, a Queen’s Counsel, who also holds the high constitutional office of Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition: Let our independent judiciary do its job.

Good morning, Judge!

What’s next: Brave Davis saying that it is okay for a Cabinet minister and parliamentarian to deliberately mislead parliament without any sanction. Oops! We have already been down that road.

Let justice and democracy prevail.


– The Graduate


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