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What does the PLP need to apologize for?

Published: Aug 16, 2017

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Dear Editor,


In light of the utterly ridiculous suggestion by apologists for the Minnis-led FNM that the PLP should apologize for finding itself (and the country) the victim of a well-orchestrated and foreign-funded electoral hit job recently, I have compiled two lists of matters that either deserve or do not deserve an apology, in my humble opinion.

Things for the PLP to apologize for:

1) Doubling the conviction rate for serious offenses between 2012 and 2016, thanks to Swift Justice and the construction of 10 criminal courts.

2) Setting up Resolve Bahamas Ltd. to manage and eliminate the debt associated with Bank of The Bahamas (a development the FNM once marched against but is now fully endorsing).

3) Establishing the University of The Bahamas.

4) Establishing National Health Insurance for Bahamians (a development now supposedly endorsed by the Minnis administration – though still openly deplored by many of its erstwhile fellow travellers).

5) Renegotiating and restoring the once-derailed Baha Mar project (a development once hysterically criticized by the FNM and the media and now fully endorsed by the Minnis administration and paying off handsomely).

6) Presiding over the most precipitous decline in unemployment numbers in recent Bahamian history (from 14.7 percent to 9.9 percent in less than two years, according to figures released on Friday).

Things NOT to apologize for, since they turned out to be – how does one say this politely? –‘Truthfully challenged’:

1) Giving the Chinese 500 citizenships as part of the Baha Mar sweet deal. This turned out to be an untruth.

2) Giving the Chinese 10,000 acres on Andros, which (even though seemingly endorsed by that font of truth and wisdom called Fox News) also turned out to be an untruth.

3) Running up a $500 million deficit up to May 2017 (which in turn caused the FNM to borrow that amount PLUS its own $222 million, threatening the country’s credit rating), yet which turned out to be inaccurate to the tune of at least $215 million, according to the Central Bank of The Bahamas.

4) Inventing the need for a National Intelligence Agency just to spy on Bahamians for fun (which the sobering realities of law enforcement have now convinced the FNM is actually quite necessary, so they are following suit).


It says a lot about the larger picture that is taking place in the country that, for the first time in memorable history, a governing party is seriously seeking to extract not only political humiliation, but a self-serving apology from its defeated opponent.

Neither the Pindling government that ended in 1992,which featured such damaging baggage as the 1984 Commission of Enquiry, nor the Ingraham government that ended in 2012, which I personally supported, yet which left huge, unanswered questions about the privatization of BTC under its watch, were seriously asked for or gave an apology for having governed as they saw fit for the betterment of their country.

Neither, I might add, did the UBP government, which featured a Cabinet composed entirely of white Bahamians (coincidentally, one supposes) ever see the need to apologize to an electorate that they insulted merely by their existence and composition.

It is frankly below the dignity of our political traditions for anyone to seriously expect anything different from Mr. Christie’s, or any other democratic Bahamian government.

Yet, somehow, today there are forces at work seeking to extract an apology from the PLP, even as the FNM struggles to pick up where the PLP left off in constructively governing the country.

So, to put things in perspective, I am presently working on a list of things that the breathtakingly dishonest Minnis-led FNM should be apologizing for, which should be ready in time for me to think up a new catchy pseudonym. This is fun!


– Allen Anderson

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