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Montague Beach

Published: Aug 17, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Montague Beach has been one of my favorite places to visit since I was a little boy growing up in the east. As a professional, I have spent, and continue to spend, many a lunch time there. In fact, over the years lunchtimes were also spent at the Western Esplanade until they decimated the green (and shady) spaces, and replaced them with food vendors.

Over the past years, when I was not having a “big time” lunch, I returned to the place of my childhood to eat, read your daily and just enjoy the environs.

This experience is not unique to me. Just drive through Montague at any lunch hour and you will note the scores of lunch time folks enjoying “the beach”.

Recently, while having lunch, I noticed that although the architects had re-designed Montague Beach with ample parking, surrounding a sizable green area with playing space, which included swings, see-saws and benches for the children visiting the beach, this is not enough for the inconsiderate people who also visit the beach.

They want more! So what do they do? They must park in the green space area.

I watched while the kids were playing in their “protected area”, how the cars maneuvered around them to find parking in this restricted area. When I saw this, I wondered, “when is this going to stop?” When are we going to start protecting and preserving our natural space? When are we going to start penalizing the persons who routinely violate our public places? What is the penalty for this violation?

I note that the government recently appointed Shanendon Cartwright as the head of the Parks and Recreation Board. I have no doubt they have chosen the right person. The test, of course, is his turning our parks and recreation areas into places of tranquil escape and places of order. I have no doubt he will do well, but we will see.

On a positive note, I did note that they had a very well dressed gentleman constantly cleaning the area. He must be commended. He looked and performed professionally. As the board, and specifically Cartwright, assess our parks and recreation areas, I ask that they consider moving all the food vendors into a “food court”. Parking spaces were not meant to be food vendor territory. Montague has a grassy knoll. Put them there.

Incidentally, for those contracted to cut the grass, when did it become logical to cut acres of grass with a weed whacker? How ludicrous is that?


– The Accountant

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