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Hotels and vacation rentals: leveling the playing field

Published: Aug 18, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Listening to the minister of tourism chirping on about parity for the hotel owner and the vacation home rental owner following the execution of an agreement with Airbnb, apart from the payment of taxes, I wonder where is the level playing field? Also what about home owners who rent without being affiliated with Airbnb?

Hotels benefit from the Hotels Encouragement Act, and as a result obtain concessions for building, etc. The Ministry of Tourism also promotes the hotels on its promotion trips abroad and with its marketing personnel.

Will the vacation home rental persons be given concessions if they rebuild or renovate? Will their properties be promoted by the ministry, or is this the province of Airbnb?

We all admit that the vacation home rentals have great potential and are extremely popular, especially with Europeans and Canadians. However, will too much regulation result in stifling this market, which is proving a boon to winter residents as well as pensioners and others who find they have space in their homes and need more income?

It is noted that legislation is being planned, and a very pertinent question is what input will vacation home rental owners have in framing this legislation. Have they been consulted?


– Jeanne I. Thompson

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