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We Rise nothing more than offshoot of the PLP

Published: Aug 24, 2017

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Dear Editor,


We Rise is nothing more than a PLP idea to piggyback on Senator Ranard Henfield’s We March Bahamas – an organization which was a thorn in the Christie administration’s side.

This fact alone reveals that the PLP lacks innovation. Whoever the organizers are, they are copycatting Henfield. We Rise’s insistence that it is not affiliated with any party is one more glaring example of the PLP taking the Bahamian people for fools.

If We Rise is not PLP, why did group members visit the PLP headquarters of all places last week? Why did the group pose for a photo with PLP Senator Fred Mitchell, who is by far the most vociferous anti-FNM in The Bahamas?

What role, if any, does Mitchell have with the organization? Had the PLP won the May 10 general election, would We Rise be in existence today? Or was the organization formed solely to protest the FNM? And why is the PLP’s official color of yellow featured prominently on the black T-shirts of the organization?

We Rise has done everything possible to display its political persuasion to the Bahamian, while telling the media otherwise. The group’s planned September 2 protest against the newly formed Minnis administration is ill timed. The FNM has only been in office for three months. Yet this PLP offshoot wants to raise hell as if Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and Co. have been in office for four-plus years.

We Rise organizers did not utter one peep regarding the many scandals to have rocked the Christie government, yet now they want to give the government a hard time – which is only at its rudimentary stage? Are these PLPs serious?

The Whistleblower is hoping that the We Rise planned protest is a massive flop. Minnis must continue his good job of steering this country away from the precipice of disaster that We Rise’s parent group, the PLP, led us to.

We Rise is nothing more than a distraction. Its existence is utterly meaningless.


– The Whistleblower

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