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Mitchell must stop using Pindling’s name

Published: Aug 25, 2017

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Dear Editor,


The Whistleblower came across a Nassau Guardian article which says that the PLP was considering holding a demonstration and a march to the mausoleum of Sir Lynden O. Pindling on August 26. Pindling died on August 26, 2000.

From what the Whistleblower was able to gather from the article, the PLP will assemble in order to protest the recent arrests and alleged bad treatment of three former PLP parliamentarians. All three prominent PLPs were treated no different than NIB manager Selena Sweeting. Will the PLP be protesting on her behalf too?

The fact that the opposition is thinking about marching to Pindling's gravesite is a clear indication that PLP Senator Fred Mitchell's fingerprints were all over this political charade.

Along with Dame Marguerite Pindling, Mitchell has visited Pindling's mausoleum on several occasions, which were his well-designed publicity stunts in order to gain further political mileage within the PLP. Mitchell continues to overstate his fandom for Pindling, as if this is somehow a penance for the shoddy way he treated the "Father of the Nation" during the 1980s and early 1990s.

After the former People's Democratic Force leader participated in burning a copy of the constitution near the Supreme Court, he sent the ashes to then Prime Minister Pindling. Mitchell remarked in December 1990 that Pindling was "irrelevant to The Bahamas". Mitchell also stated at the time that Bahamians should consign Pindling to the scrap heap of history.

Had Pindling been alive and leading the PLP today, Mitchell would have never received a nomination to run for the PLP. The Whistleblower is unaware of Mitchell ever issuing a public apology for the burning of the constitution – a sacred document, in which, no doubt, Pindling played a pivotal role in helping to frame. The Whistleblower is also unaware of Mitchell ever publicly apologizing for railing at the Father of the Nation. Yet he wants to continue using Pindling's name in order to climb up higher on the political ladder.

The PLP made a disastrous move in appointing Mitchell to the Senate. The tentative march to Pindling's gravesite is further evidence that the former Fox Hill MP is a power broker in the PLP – a party which desperately needs to rebrand its tattered image. Mitchell is dragging the PLP down with him.


– The Whistleblower

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