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Riding the Rap

Published: Aug 25, 2017

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Dear Editor,


I have known the chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) for most of my adult life. He is rumored to be a successful businessman and has demonstrated some degree of political skills, even if that was a long time ago. Since the literal wipeout of the PLP following the May 10 general election, Bradley “Passe” Roberts, et al, have been in a severe state of denial, shock and awe.

The people voted the PLP out of office not because we love Dr. Hubert A. Minnis (FNM–Killarney) or the Free National Movement (FNM), but because the vast majority of Bahamians could take no more of that party and its leadership cadre. On coming to office, Prime Minister Minnis and his team met numerous cases of alleged malfeasance, theft, corruption and a terrible economy that was and remains in the proverbial wheelchair. Dr. Minnis is riding the rap, so to speak.

Bradley Roberts must have nothing better to do as chairman of a badly bruised political entity. It would appear that he is prone to churning out press releases as if there is no tomorrow. This is the same man, et al, who caused the PLP to lose the general election. He may have been good before the advent of the digital age, but, alas, or hallelujah, he is now passé, big time.

The Bahamas is already beginning to experience growth in the economy. The average Bahamian has faith that the PM will do what is right and proper for all of us. Governments are successive, so it is more than likely that the Minnis administration will benefit politically and economically from the eventual full opening of Baha Mar. It is what it is. What Bradley Roberts and them need to do is to go into a retreat and formulate real and sensible strategies for the way forward. Unless and until they collectively do that, they will remain whistling pass the grave yard.

Bahamians in the main fully understand that Minnis and company need additional time to flesh out a sustainable agenda. The facts are gradually being revealed. Forensic audits are being done. VAT money is coming in. Investors' confidence is being ticked upward. I am persuaded that the FNM will spur economic growth if only because so many of its parliamentarians are astute business people. They have witnessed the spectacle of former Cabinet ministers doing the fabled Bank Lane shuffle. I take no glee in this, but a strong societal message has been sent by this process, and the chips, God willing, will fall where they may.

Brother Roberts simply needs to go home and stay home. He and Freddie are constantly placing their huge feet into their mouths. It is like Amazing Grace 2.0. He, Roberts, has an apparent beef with the minister of tourism and can't stop talking about washing machines and detergent. He says that he will support a political reject in the form of the former minister of tourism as the next PLP chairman? Unless and until my padre, Philip Brave Davis (PLP–Cat Island) places his own modernized team in place, the PLP will continue to become irrelevant by the day.

To God then, in all things, be the glory.


– Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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