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What is Bahamian culture?

Published: Aug 26, 2017

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Dear Editor,

What is Bahamian culture?

Is it our behavior? Is it our mindset? Is it our cavalier and selfish attitudes? Is it the cleanliness of our neighborhoods, downtown and roadways? Is it the landfill (dump) burning? Is it treating each other the way we ourselves want to be treated? Is it the serious crime that’s wreaking havoc in our Bahamian communities?

Is it the failure of the Bahamian educational system? Is it fun family gatherings at home and at the beach where we discuss lighthearted and important matters? Is it shooting marbles? Is it spinning tops? Is it playing jacks or hopscotch? Is it flying kites? Is it going to fish fry? Is it playing ring play?

Is it throwing trash out of the car’s window as we drive along the Bahamian streets? Is it sloop sailing and the regattas? Is it the homecoming festivals held throughout our Bahamas? Is it the heritage festivals? Is it playing rounders or socking in the streets? Is it our thinking? Is it placing a Bahamian flag in front of our homes and offices, or on our vehicles? Is it our food and drink?

Is it the way we speak? Is it our music and musicians? Is it rake and scrape, Junkanoo, reggae, soca and jazz? Is it our Junkanoo? Is it our dance? Is it our art and artists? Is it the art shows at the National Art Gallery? Is it the plays held at the Dundas? Is it our architecture? Is it our clothing? Is it the colors of our houses and buildings? Is it our sun, sand and sea?

Do the politicians and the “political elite” know what is Bahamian culture? Do the Junkanoo leaders know? Do the pastors and priests know? Do the lawyers, accountants and police know?

Do the ambitions of Bahamian politicians take precedence over what the people want?

Do Bahamian politicians believe that they are somehow “better” than the people who voted for them?

Are Bahamians to step up for the good of our country and children? Or are we to go off quietly into the night taking care of the routine and simple things of this life?

Let’s not muddy the water anymore relative to what is Bahamian culture. Let’s all as Bahamians know and add weight to Bahamian culture – and know what it isn’t.


– Gregory W. Strachan

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