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The rise of Brave

Published: Aug 28, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Philip Brave Davis (PLP–Cat Island), leader of the opposition, is in a unique and most precarious political and, most importantly, historical and constitutional position of modern times. Brave is extremely popular with the rank and file of the PLP. He is not loved as much by the inner sanctum and the relics of the Christie administration. He is even less loved, if that is possible, by the individuals who once called themselves, however reluctantly, his Cabinet colleagues.

Brave is the only seasoned front line survivor of the Wednesday massacre on May 10, 2017, which saw the once mighty PLP reduced, almost to ashes. He has long sought the leadership of the PLP. Now, whether or not he is up to the task ahead (I believe that he is), he must reenter the public arena with something new, bold and progressive. This is what must drive the agenda of The new PLP under his leadership. Brave is well aware that he has one last shot, so to speak, at becoming prime minister of our wonderful nation.

He will not be able to do so, however, in my considered opinion, if he continues to allow political baggage to become attached to him and his leadership. I have already stated my views on relics within the PLP, so there is no need to do so now. The leader of the PLP, for now, is Brave. He has earned his stripes and deserves a genuine shot at the ultimate prize, PLP speaking. Glenys Hanna-Martin (PLP–Englerston) is irrelevant. Alfred Sears is in a class where no sensible and right thinking Bahamians are able to understand what the hell he is always pontificating on.

Glenys has yet to account for the apparent fiscal mismanagement within her portfolio, i.e. the Road Traffic Department and the Post Office Savings Bank (millions they say), but she wants to project the image that she would bring something of value to the political table for the PLP? It is well-written in the Bible that one should never allow himself/herself to be deceived or deluded. She ran her political race and did not, with all due respect, run it well.

Alfred M. Sears, QC, is a long time friend. I never, however, subscribed to what I have always seen as his self-serving and patently bogus public policy proposed initiates. They are high sounding and seemingly benign, but he has yet to flesh out a single proposal. He says that he should become leader of the rump PLP, but by what real credentials?

It is said that almost $750,000 was paid out for the Caribbean Muzik Festival, which Sears was a director of. The festival never happened, and the money has yet to be returned. The minister of tourism, my good friend and benefactor, appears to be slunking big time on this simple matter.

The return of that money could have kept employed some of those same innocent Bahamians who were engaged in the last days of the Christie administration. That, however, is not the point. The minister of tourism is not a trained lawyer but, as a chartered accountant cum certified financial planner, Dionisio D'Aguilar (FNM–Free Town), is duty bound to go after the return of that money. I want no excuses or soft talk on this issue.

As to Brave and the upcoming PLP convention, the second one in less than a year, he must stand and deliver to the base of the party. He will have to thank Christie et al for their nebulous contributions over the years, but he will have to distance himself and the new PLP from the ones who jacked us right up. We who are partisans of Brave have long said that he was shackled by PGC. Well, within a few short weeks, he will be shackled no more. Where will he take the new PLP, in particular, and the nation generally as we prepare to go into 2018? It cannot be the same-old, same-old, Brave.

And so, Brave is at the political crossroads. He can do what the PLP has always done, retreat into talking nonsense, or move forward to attract and solidify that vital millennial based voting block. There is a lot of political baggage, which Brave will have to drop immediately once he becomes de facto and de jure leader of the party. He will also have to do a cosmetic make over, along with a strict weight and exercise regime. Tomorrow's voters will expect to see a youthful looking leader with a plausible plan for the future. Brave is able to transform himself, but he will have to get rid of the sycophants, tin gods, masculine goddesses, flakes and political hacks who now infest his inner sanctum.

Brave has one shot to the top. If he fumbles or drops the ball, he will no longer be relevant in the grand scheme of things. His rise will be conditional upon many diverse factors, but none is more important than commencing the rebuilding and complete rebranding of the message and original mission statement. I wish to make it clear that while I voted for Marvin Dames (FNM–Mount Moriah), the minister of national security, and fully endorsed and campaigned for Dionisio D'Aguilar, our hardest working member of the Minnis Cabinet, bar none, I am not an FNM. I have, of course, distanced myself from the regular PLP drivel as spewed by the likes of Bradley “Passe” Roberts and Freddie.

What are Brave's plans for the way forward? Will he tote the political rejects and scandalized toward the starting line of the 2022 general election, or will he seize the golden opportunity which has been presented to him on a golden platter? Be a man, Brave, and rise to the occasion, if only for the sake of democracy and the long-neglected dream and vision of the late, great and deeply lamented Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling.

To God, then, in all things, be the glory.


– Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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