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Wise guys

Published: Aug 30, 2017

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Dear Editor,


Can't believe the mind set of the Anglican clergy pertaining to the Shane Gibson case. One wise guy wants to tell the new FNM government how to run the show, even though he almost caused a schism in the church several years ago. The second wise guy thinks Dame Joan Sawyer is talking foolishness, even though he has already stated Bahamian women are "breeders". I guess he wants Dame Joan to go back to the kitchen and stay out of "men's work".

What the Anglican church needs is an Archbishop of Canterbury intervention, because these jokers running the church obviously don't know what they are doing. No wonder so many Anglicans are becoming Rastas, Muslims and atheists.

Then there is that cult of personality in Pinewood, a PLP stronghold looking for FNM handouts. Why is this church allowed to be open? It is time for the government to start shutting down these cult churches. Christianity is supposed to uplift The Bahamas. Instead, it is holding us back.


– Kirk Catalano

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