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Glenys would be a front for Obie

Published: Sep 01, 2017

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Dear Editor,


I watched with a smile the launch of the candidacy of Glenys Hanna-Martin for the post of PLP leader. Glenys was among her supporters pledging to modernize her party, if they pick her to be leader.

I smiled because I know Glenys does not want to be PLP leader. The job would stress her too much. She is not suited to it.

Those in the know in the PLP know what this is really about – that is, the ambition of Obie Wilchcombe.

Glenys and Obie are close friends. Obie has always had as his dream leading the PLP. He has said it many times. Sir Lynden Pindling was his mentor.

Obie lost his seat in the May 10 general election. In parliamentary systems like the one we have, it is best for party leaders to be in the elected chamber of Parliament. Obie, therefore, really can’t run for leader because PLPs would disqualify him from their thinking, because he is seatless.

Obie is smart,very smart. He is also very ambitious. Since he can’t run, Glenys is his candidate. If she were to win, that would give Obie the ability to rule from behind the throne – and rule he would. He would be PLP leader in all but name.

Glenys is a good person, but PLPs should know what they are voting for if they elect her. You would be voting for Obie.

Truth be told, it is unlikely that Obie, Glenys or Philip Brave Davis could win a general election in 2022. People are tired of the same old PLP faces. They know nothing new will come from the past.

The PLP needs to bring its young forward. Bold, energetic faces should be taking over the party. Young people not connected to the scandals of the past should be the voices carrying the new PLP message.

The PLP is a hardheaded party. After it lost in 1992 the party ran Sir Lynden again. Everybody knew that was a bad idea. They still ran him. He lost worse in 1997 than he did in 1992.

The PLP looks like it is going to try the same thing all over again. The party will send an unpopular leader to the people. That will lead to cut hip number two. If, in 2027, the PLP still has not learned and sends another old, tired face, that would be cut hip number three.

Bahamians will keep punishing the PLP until it changes. It sinned last term. It messed up the country. It must change before having any chance to be government again.

Anyway, back to Glenys. Don’t be bamboozled by her talk. She’s Obie’s horse. If you like him, how he leads, how he treats people, vote for Glenys. Don’t expect her to make any decisions about the direction of the PLP if she becomes leader. It would be the SS PLP with Captain Obie at the helm.


– Martha S. Greene


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