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PLP leadership

Published: Sep 05, 2017

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Dear Editor,


I can't believe Glenys Hanna-Martin launched her bid to be leader of the PLP using transformation in education as part of her platform. Hasn't transformation in education been a part of the PLP’s manifesto/propaganda machine since it was founded in 1953? That's 64 years of no-can-do. No news there.

A renewed fight against poverty? Tell that to the former constituents of what used to be Anne's Town.

Tell that to the many Bahamian men and women suffering in Fox Hill Prison. Tell that to the disenfranchised youth contemplating suicide, because there is no way out. Tell that to the teeming masses, who just voted against PLP lies and con games. Tell that to the many PLPs still waiting for the return of the Black Moses, notwithstanding the fact that he returned May 10, 2017!

An effort to combat the deteriorating health of Bahamians? I think this FNM government pretty much has that under control.

Can't the persons interested in leading the PLP come up with something progressive and liberal?

Examples include:

• Poly marriage.

• Tax breaks for atheists.

• Legalized abortion.

• Legalized prostitution.

• Legalized marijuana use.

• A moratorium on churches being built in The Bahamas.

• Making it illegal for the government to seek or take advice from persons of religion.

The same ol’, same ol’ just won't do.


– Kirk Catalano


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