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Baptism by water

Published: Sep 08, 2017

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Dear Editor,

The Free National Movement administration and its erstwhile leader, Hubert A. Minnis (FNM-Killarney), are about to be baptized by the waters of Hurricane Irma. The Christie administrations, as well as those of Hubert A. Ingraham – both individuals who, mercifully, no longer hold sway over our wonderful nation – were incapable of handling the ravages of assorted hurricanes and storms. Under Ingraham's watch, Freeport and the entire island of Grand Bahama have yet to recover from storms of the 1990s. Joaquin and Matthew, in no small measure, sealed the deathblow, politically, to Christie and crew.

The FNM campaigned on what now is fast looking like a bogus promise that it was 'the people dem time'. That party and its leaders shouted that they had the plans to fix the mess that the PLP and Christie had inflicted and imposed upon the unwashed masses. Well, with the harrowing and rapid approach of Irma, Minnis and the FNM administration are about to be baptized by water. It is now their time to rise to the challenges poised by this Category 5 hurricane. Irma is no joke, but the response by Minnis and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), headed by an incompetent director in the form of Captain Stephen Russell, has been dismal and pathetic at best.

The FNM never had any real plans in place to start governing from day one. Minnis is still being scripted by his handlers, and it is clear that he does not have a hands-on approach to governance and preparing for natural disasters. His administration, so far, has proven to be clueless on so many national issues that it is becoming alarming.

The FNM government, clearly, has no economic stimulation plan; it has no plan for tackling crime; it has no plan for the infrastructure here on New Providence and the major populated Family Islands; it has no plan for education; it has no plan for national healthcare, and for sure, it is not transparent and has shown absolutely no empathy, so far, for a single Bahamian, except friends and cronies.

It is unfortunate that our nation is in the usual hurricane path and has been so from time immemorial. We all know when the season starts, but successive administrations and the lousy NEMA always respond at the very last minute. No regular releases were issued. There was no announced location of shelters throughout the nation. More than 4,000 homes and businesses are still awaiting repairs that were promised by the Christie administration and the lousy NEMA, which has been headed for too long by Russell. It is profound that our major churches are ready to roll with Irma, if necessary. Pastor Melvin Lewis, of Hillside Seventh Day Adventist Church, and his team up there are to be congratulated for their proactive measures.

The PM and his administration are about to be baptized by water, and – except if a modern day John The Baptist emerges – they may not resurface. Nor will there be, I postulate, an opening of the clouds, with a dove coming down to rest over their collective heads. There will also not be the utterance “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”, if they fail to carry us through Irma successfully. Hot coals and brimstones will also be heaped upon them, if there are no recovery efforts and immediate relief following Madam Irma.

When one thinks about it, however, hurricanes, despite their destructive powers, bring out the very best in most of us. Of course, a handful of greedy, thieving and ungodly Bahamians, especially here on New Providence, are the natural sons and daughters of Perdition. Gouging and corrupt practices also abound during this particular season. House breaking and stealing always seem to spike during times when home owners and tenants are away from their properties due to severe flooding and/or the loss of electrical power. The police and defense forces do an excellent job, but they, too, are challenged with real resources to manage natural disasters.

Baptism by water is the unenviable fate of Dr. Minnis and his crew. The ship will weather Irma if all hands are on deck. We all pray to God, by whatever name you choose; lighten up the ballast and tack to the right.

The opposition, led by the next de facto and de jure leader, has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and empathy on the ground in its constituencies and those that they hope to recapture. Brave is the man and he must rise to the occasion by taking the lead and seizing the initiative. He and the new PLP must also provide necessities of good quality and solace to as many Bahamians as possible. It is good that baptism may be of one or it may be of many, especially where The Holy Spirit is invoked. Yes, we unwashed and God-abandoning Bahamians, will emerge in one piece, again.

To God, then, in all things – even Irma– be the glory.


– Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.


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