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Break out
Dear Editor, Philip Brave Davis (PLP-Cat Island), leader of the opposition, did not heed my advice which I gave him two years ago to move to depose the former Prime Minister Perry Christie as leader of the Progressive Liberal Party. Christie had got...
Riding the Rap
Dear Editor,   I have known the chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) for most of my adult life. He is rumored to be a successful businessman and has demonstrated some degree of political skills, even if that was a long time ago. Sin...
Mitchell must stop using Pindling’s name
Dear Editor,   The Whistleblower came across a Nassau Guardian article which says that the PLP was considering holding a demonstration and a march to the mausoleum of Sir Lynden O. Pindling on August 26. Pindling died on August 26, 2000. From...
Insufficient punishment for viral video officers
Dear Editor,   When I heard the news about the punishment that was handed down to the two police officers who were caught on video drinking on the job, I was absolutely outraged. This was literally a smack on the wrist. Anybody whose head is ...
We Rise nothing more than offshoot of the PLP
Dear Editor,   We Rise is nothing more than a PLP idea to piggyback on Senator Ranard Henfield’s We March Bahamas – an organization which was a thorn in the Christie administration’s side. This fact alone reveals that the PLP lacks inno...
The reality Of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival
Dear Editor,   Some Bahamians, politicians and others have taken somebody’s musical culture, carnival, and put money into it. Over the past 40-plus years, politicians and other Bahamian cultural leaders have failed and continued to fail mise...
Major’s carnival mathematics
Dear Editor,   Paul Major, the former chairman of the Junkanoo Carnival boondoggle, is a banker by profession and supposedly he knows a thing or two about numbers. He spent a lot of time in Trinidad and Tobago understudying carnival there so ...
The mask of power
Dear Editor,   In politics, as in every day life, all human beings and some animals are capable of shedding their known persona and putting on face masks. This is done, in the majority of cases, to attempt to conceal or hide the true character...
Lessons on tourism and hospitality
Dear Editor,   On our return trip from visiting our neem farm in Paraguay, Nick and I had the pleasure of visiting with friends in San Jose, Costa Rica, a country with more than five million people. What was most impressive to us was the hosp...
The Graduate’s selective morality
Dear Editor,   In long-winded discussions one can easily forget the core issue being discussed. I think this is what happened to The Graduate in his public discussion with me on civil unions and homosexual marriage. He seems to have forgotten ...
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