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The house of cards
Dear Editor,   I have absolutely no doubt that the defunct Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will not return to high office anytime soon. This is a sad assessment for many, but the truth will always set one free. The national address by the lead...
Freeport has become the Detroit of The Bahamas
Dear Editor,   In 2011 I wrote in The Freeport News that Freeport should no longer be considered the second city of The Bahamas. While Exuma, Abaco, Bimini and, to a certain degree, New Providence are all experiencing economic booms, Grand Bah...
Bahamas Christian Council is misguided
Dear Editor,   What a joke! The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) is concerned about the appearance of a witch hunt and is advising the FNM government to use other tools that are at its disposal following allegations of abuse by the Progressive ...
An open letter to PM Minnis on gambling
Dear Dr. Minnis,   I applaud your efforts at cracking down on corruption. I applaud your moves to cut costs and begin some fiscal responsibility in this country. Many of us hope you can continue down this long-awaited path. However, we must ac...
The great transformation
Dear Editor,   Dr. Hubert A. Minnis (FNM-Killarney), our erstwhile prime minister, has transformed himself into a real leader right before our eyes. This is remarkable, in that less than a year ago, the good doctor had been written off by many...
Dear Editor,   I write in reference to the recent notice in the press from the registrar general to all non-profit organizations (NPOs) operating in The Bahamas. I am rather surprised by the notice and its timing. The registrar asserts that sh...
Paradise lost
Dear Editor,   As a trained lawyer, albeit a defrocked one, I was sad and shocked to read remarks attributed to Bradley Roberts, the shell-shocked and delusional national chairman of the defunct PLP, urging supporters of that entity to 'take t...
Texting costs lives
Dear Editor,   The most mysterious phenomenon of all times is the proliferation and saturation of the use of cell phones. Everyone has several. Children as young as two are playing games on the cell phone or iPad. We have become a slave to th...
Must we handcuff all defendants?
Dear Editor,   Since when did the pursuit of justice start with the public humiliation of an accused person? For too long we have sat on the sidelines and watched as defendants in criminal cases are brought before magistrates and judges handcu...
PLPs continue to hurl threats at PM Minnis
Dear Editor,   Bahamians remember that in June PLP Chairman Emeritus Errington "Minky" Isaacs threatened to strike PM Dr. Hubert Minnis in the mouth after the PM revealed in the House that Isaacs had received a very lucrative BPL contract unde...
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