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God speaks through winds, storms, floods, fires and earthquakes when people disobey


Published: Sep 14, 2017

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“Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it.” Psalm 127:1


How could we escape when we are aware that the season of hurricanes is upon us. As Harvey was forming in the Atlantic Ocean, not only were there National Weather Service bulletins but also prophetic predictions that the flood of Noah times has returned. You ask “What time is it” and the prophet replies “it is the end of time”.

After Hurricane Harvey one pastor declared that the Houston flood was as a result of the mayor of that city attempting to subpoena ministers’ sermons. Oh! Oh!

Hurricane Irma has become well known throughout the Caribbean and the state of Florida. She has been named the most dangerous hurricane of all times and during her course, lived up to her name and predictions – the goddess of war and wind! She waved her 150 miles per hour wind wave with no regard for land or sea and all mankind heeded to precautionary instructions for safekeeping and safety; and like the saying goes “nobody move, nobody gets hurt”. You ask “what’s in a name”. Wow!

When disaster hits a nation of one kind or another, there will always be those who will declare to the fact that God still rules and super rules and when a people continue to disobey His laws and commandments and go a-whoring after strange gods, in any form fashion or shape, then He speaks through winds, storms, floods, fires and earthquakes and dare none to squeak or tweet!

We live in a time of change, but sad to say many are not pruned to change but continue to live the same old way and pattern. C. Joybell and Santosh Kalwar tell us that the only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn – we cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.

In many cases, especially in our nation and us being known as Christians, is not for the reliance on legislation but the empowerment that comes through salvation. Our help comes from the Lord and not the law!

Were we not destined, as a people, to show the world the “manner of our bearing” that only comes from trust in God! How is that we have disobeyed the GPS of our spiritual forbears and stand to end up in the pig pens of disobedience, lawlessness, thievery, murder and crime that raises blood pressures! And yes, all we, like sheep have gone astray and done our own thing and things!

Today the Psalmist tells us that no matter what changes are made to suit political purposes, except the Lord build the house of our nation, high-tech meetings will be held in vain and the watchman might as well drink a strong cup of coffee and go to sleep!

Except the Lord, The Master Builder, builds your life, the storms of life will destroy it, for we are all building a life and the major part of our lives must be spiritual. It takes a lot of material to build a house. We have to make a life, not a living and as such we would be pleasing God.

Without a doubt, it is so important that we live a life that is in keeping with the master plan for our lives. For one day out of seven will be the day of accountancy, exposure and disclosure!

There is so much evil in the world and in our country and so it behooves us as Believers in Christ to never stop from praying for each other and ask God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. We pray that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and pleasing in every way.

May you prosper in every good way and grow in the knowledge of God.


• E-mail rubyanndarling@yahoo.com 241haystreet@gmail.com Face Book Ruby Ann Darling write to P.O. Box SS 19725 Nassau, Bahamas with your prayer requests, concerns and comments. God’s Blessings!


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