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Leadership in a time of crisis
The fulsome, decisive and organized response of the administration of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to the threat of Hurricane Irma stands in marked contrast to the shambolic and slow response of the administration of former Prime Minister Perry C...
Disaster masters
On September 1, 1923, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake, known as the Great Kanto Earthquake, struck the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan. A combination of the destruction, ashes from out-of-control fires and a rumor that North Koreans were looting res...
A moment to ask some challenging questions
A year from now, negotiations will begin for a successor agreement to the Cotonou Convention.The treaty, which expires in 2020, provides a framework for Europe’s development cooperation, political dialogue and economic relations with 79 nations in ...
Protect your feet after a hurricane
Hurricanes and other disasters are a common event in our country. Foot injuries after a hurricane are common. They include puncture wounds, cuts or lacerations, sprains and even fractures. There can also be insect bites or electrical shocks from walk...
Enhancing the classroom auditory environment
Classroom acoustics For many hearing-impaired students, the classroom can be an extremely noisy and challenging listening environment. Even hearing-impaired students with permanent hearing loss, who receive help from their personal hearing aids, fin...
Think before you act
I hear quite a lot of people say when questioned about something which didn’t turn out too good for them, “Well in retrospect perhaps I would have done things differently”. Perhaps you would, but My Friend, once the damage is done, it’s real...
There was a very good advertisement for a ketchup sauce that used to air on television a whole lot and the theme music with vocals being played in the background was anticipation, as someone watched the ketchup being poured out of the bottle. It was ...
Dodging the bullet
On this day in 1941, construction commenced on the Pentagon, the world’s largest office building that headquarters the four branches of the American military forces. Sixty years, to the day after the commencement of its construction, on September 1...
Haiti is on its way of recovery, starting in Cape-Haitian
At the sunset of my 70 years, I am a happy man. I live sometimes in New York, often in Cape Haitian and in Grand River, and most of the time in Port-au-Prince, not wanting to leave any one of those cities when it is time to move on. I am now in Cape...
Pay attention to your vineyard
“Do not stare at me because I am swarthy, for the sun has burned me. My mother’s sons were angry with me; they made me caretaker of the vineyards, But I have not taken care of my own vineyard.” – Song of Solomon 1:6   I was a youth whe...
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