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Will you be proud when your eulogy is read?
Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity. What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun? A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever. — Ecclesiastes 1:2-4   T...
Five seeds we should sow for a stronger Bahamian economy
I will not cease to herald it: we need a stronger Bahamian economy, a much stronger one. So much rests on it, not least of which is the need for our young people to want to continue to live in this country because it can, among other things, finance...
Humble yourself
I write a lot in these articles about how to become successful. Now the fact of the matter is, that when a whole lot of people actually make it in life, particularly those who make it ‘Big Time’ they are inclined to get, what we so often refer t...
Children’s feet should not be treated like adults
We often think of and treat children like little adults. This is not recommended, so that we recognize the uniqueness of every child. Just as children cannot be treated as little adults, neither should their feet — as every child is special, so are...
Change is from the inside out
I guess that some people may be a bit puzzled by the title of this particular article, change is from the inside out, saying perhaps, “What exactly do you mean by that D. Paul?” Well, what I mean is this. I guess we’ve all watched these so-call...
Visitor arrivals numbers are not the whole story
When it comes to valuing tourism’s economic contribution, most Caribbean governments share publicly only arrivals numbers and the country of origin of their visitors. Then, usually at budget time, they produce generalized figures that indicate over...
Hearing milestones for preschoolers
With the new school year fast approaching, parents of all grade levels are now in the process of ensuring that all last-minute preparations are taken care of for their school-aged children. Likewise, parents of preschoolers are also bustling around e...
Whatever we want has already happened
We have not yet realized it. Neither are we conscious of it. But we need to know that everything we have always wanted, want now, or in the future, has already happened. Already come to pass. Whatever we want, we can give birth to it. Cause it to unf...
Passenger tax – a tax on all their dreams
What the Caribbean region needs is so simple: rapid, reliable mobility at reasonable rates. What makes it so difficult? It is almost as short and simple to explain. There are two players: the aviation industry and the governments. The aviation indust...
Underdeveloped minds
The human mind is the world’s greatest, creative center. The potential for greatness lies within each and every human mind. It is within the human mind that dreams of great things to come are hatched and then the method of obtaining one’s dreams ...
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